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10 Links for the Week 05/08/2009

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Crucial Concepts Behind Advanced Regular Expressions
Regular exp    ressions (or regex) are a powerful way to traverse large strings in order to find information. They rely on underlying patterns in a string’s structure to work their magic. Unfortunately, simple regular expressions are unable to cope with complex patterns and symbols. To deal with this dilemma, you can use advanced regular expressions. This article presents an introduction to advanced regular expressions, with eight commonly used concepts and examples.

10 Easy Ways to Secure your WordPress Blog
Securing your blog is important. With WordPress so popular these days, it’s becoming a bigger and bigger target for hackers. In this post we’ll look at ten easy ways to secure your WordPress blog

Why Does Clean Markup Matter in Web Design?
Because the web is a changing and ever evolving organism, it’s important to build sites that can grow with it and easily ride the current instead of drowning when a new wave approaches. This article reviews the basics of web standards, what they are, what they mean to you, and some important tips to help you deal with this important and often neglected issue.

ASP.NET Dynamic Data Preview 4 Released
The ASP.NET Dynamic Data 4.0 Preview 4 contains a number of different projects including  DynamicDataVNextSamples, ProjectTemplates

Creating jQuery plug-ins from MicrosoftAjax components
This post explains with an example about how to create jQuery plug-ins from MicrosoftAjax components

Web Deployment: Web.Config Transformation
VS10’s new web.config transformation model allows you to modify your web.config file in an automated fashion during deployment of your applications to various server environments. This article explains how to acheive this with an example.

Consuming the Twitter REST API with HttpClient
A piece of code is worth a thousand words, right?  HttpClient is a new feature in the WCF REST Starter Kit Preview 2.
While on the same page do not for get to look at Screencast: HttpClient + Twitter REST API in under 3 minutes

SharePoint (Performance, Stress ) Load Testing
This post has a great set of links on performance testing SharePoint. Check them out! This list is not specific to VSTS, and includes tool-agnostic white papers, official documentation, links to performance testing results, tooling (including VSTS), etc.

Free ASP.NET MVC “NerdDinner” Tutorial Now in HTML
The NerdDinner tutorial walks through how to build a small, but complete, application using ASP.NET MVC, and introduces some of the core concepts behind it.

How to Create a Syndication Feed for your Website
Virtually every website that produces new content on a regular or semi-regular basis provides a syndication feed. In this article, Scott Mitchell explains how to take advantage of syndication feeds with ASP.NET

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